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M$ Windows 2000
Yet another limerick
Chicken: Authors-Modern (18a)
Windows NT over OS/2
Five Kinds of Sex
Occupational Descriptions...
Chicken: Authors-Modern (18b)
Bill Gates from Alabama
Is He Serious
The Suit
Chicken: Non-Contemporary (19a)
Bill's new House
Out Gathering Snails
Browser War
Chicken: Non-Contemporary (19b)
As They Get Old
What Men really mean 1/2
Contraceptive 98
Chicken: The Philosophers (20a)
What Men really mean 2/2
Internet Explorer 4.0 Source Code
Chicken: The Philosophers (20b)
How they do it
Bottles of Whiksey, hic!
Microsoft Acquires Monopoly(R)
Chicken: Fictional Characters(21a)
100 Camels
Lunch Time
More evil than Satan himself Top 100
Chicken: Fictional Characters(21b)
Redneck as Starship Captain
Thank you for flying Dufus Air
The "Dear John" Letter Top 100
Chicken: Fictional Characters (21c)
Popcorn was only 15 cents
Out Golfing...
One Dark Night
Chicken: Business (22a)
Math & Business
Assigning Grades
Lease A Nuclear Device!
Chicken: Business (22b)
E-Mail Virus Alert
The Constitution of Love Top 100
Don't Lie to Your Mother Top 100
Chicken: The Notorious (23)
Blond Joke
South Park obsessed ...
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