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Chicken: The Scientists (7a)
Battle of the Sex #6
Men would like to change this
You aren't cool if ...
Chicken: The Scientists (7b)
Battle of the Sex #7
Church Football
Chicken: The Social Scientists (8)
Battle of the Sex #8
Did You Go?
The Washington Hillbillies
Chicken: Historic Figures (9a)
Battle of the Sex #9
Vet's Joint Business Venture
Is Y2K REALLY Scary?
Chicken: Historic Figures (9b)
Battle of the Sex #10
Confrontation at the Vet's
Ebonic American Dictionary Top 200
Chicken: Historic Figures (10)
Job review
Profound Quotes Top 200
Chicken: Religious-Biblical (11)
Intro DUCT Shun
Hospital Mix Up
Chicken: Religious-Christian (12)
Strange as Usual!
Chicken: Religious-Jewish (13a)
Speaker Phone Problems
Netscape 5.0 Features
A Cat In Heaven
Chicken: Religious-Jewish (13b)
How To Handle Adult Mail Spam
Jesus vs Satan
A Perfect Score
Chicken: Religious-Other(14/15)
No cuckoo clock in my house!
Math Trick
Learned From James Bond
Chicken: The New Zealanders (16)
Who Is In Charge?
What a terrible tragedy.
May I Help?
Chicken: Foreign Leaders (17)
Micro$oft quote
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