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Signs you need a new Doctor
Signs you need a new Lawyer
Little Johnny CCIX
Dear Emily Postnews
The Mathematics of Relationships
It is only logical!
Little Johnny CCX
Hidden Message in Cartoons
Men & Women
Have You Noticed?
Little Johnny CCXI
Dear Emily Postnews
I Don't WANNA go!!
REM Ad Themesong
Dear Emily Postnews
What 38?
A Familiar Face At The Bar
Top Reasons To Buy Windows 95
Dear Emily Postnews
Things Dogs Must Remember:
On The Airplane
Rolling Stones Songs
Gods kids
Is There A Doctor in the House?
The Psychiatrist's Patient
Fun With Unix
Haiku Error Messages
Denounce Him
New Ways to Test Software
Technology vs Life
Understanding Your Paycheck:
Battle of the Sex #1 Top 100
You Know you're hooked when ...
Battle of the Sex #2
Let me guess
A little spelling lesson
Little Johnny CCXVIII
Battle of the Sex #3
Groucho Marx Quotes ... Top 15
You Might be an Engineer if
GirlFriend 6.0
Battle of the Sex #4
Helpful Mom
The Phone Call
Chicken: The Athletes (6)
Battle of the Sex #5
Wanna Play House?
No Crayons
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