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Internet Oracle: 907-10
Bible Bloopers
State Mottos
Internet Oracle: 908-09
Modifying cultural norms
Seminars for Men by Women
Two Fleas
Internet Oracle: 909-02
The Hunters
Some favorite Oxymorons Top 100
Internet Oracle: 924-04
"Twister": rejected movie titles
New Names for Mir Space Station
IBM PC For Sale
Microsoft C++
Little Johnny CCI
USA = Microsoft, Europe = UNIX
What is AOL?
Little Johnny CCII
Computer Trek
Dear Emily Postnews
Little Johnny CCIII
Dear Emily Postnews
Gnu echo man page
True Microsoft story
Little Johnny CCIV
Dear Emily Postnews
Ticket, please!
Little Johnny CCV
Dear Emily Postnews
Canonical List of Short Jokes Top 100
Computer Diagnosis
Little Johnny CCVI
Dear Emily Postnews
King Solomon
African Chieftain
Little Johnny CCVII
Dear Emily Postnews
Hey, Who's That?
Truth about Car Ads
Little Johnny CCVIII
Dear Emily Postnews
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