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Holiday Songs Final Exam
Cat Haiku Top 100
Gold Coins
Office Xmas Party
Ascii-Art: Merry X-mas
Microsoft Acquires Christmas
International diplomacy
12 Letters of Christmas
Orange Penis
Sex Test for Rednecks
Falling in Love
Doctor joke
Facts of Life
Coffee, tea, or...
Funny Exam Answers (Weather) Top 100
On an Island
You know ye are a pirate when
Fun Things at Wal-Mart
Lamaze Class
Cowboy Wannabe
Redneck Zoo
Too much thinking
On a clear day
Spice Up Your Marriage
Playing Pirate
Leaves as Mulch
No Divorce Required
Cowboy logic
Holey Condom
Golden Bar
Pentagon Study
Love Notes
Funny Exam Answers (Weather)
Stress Disorder
Anything Different?
Redneck Quickies
Fries With That?
Little Johnny 372
It Must Be The Drinking
Students Must Have ...
Exam Answers on Weather
Boyfriends ...
Specialist's Fee
Ascii-Art: Meriday in the Morning
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