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It's not the meat
Healing by the Pipes
Little Johnny 327
When I grow Up
What's the hole for?
Little Johnny 328
God and The Post Office
Which Side?
Why Call Them Cats?
Little (Johnny) Arty 329
Funny who you meet
Steven Wright Quotes Top 100
You Don't Know Your Way?
Little Johnny 330
You're Not a Monk
Your Tattoo
Little Johnny 331
Womenly Truisms
Gone Fishin'
Have You Seen ...
Little Johnny 332
Computer women
Election Day
Little Johnny 333
The Ten Commandments
Blind Luck
Little Johnny 334
Oldie but coldie
Another Eng/Phys/Math
Airline joke
Little Johnny 335
Unified Field Theory
Athletic Supporters
Ferrari Pit Crew
Little Johnny 336
Halting Problem is Solvable
Have I got a deal
Speed of a Computer
Little Johnny 337
Election Time
The Politician
Computer Jargon
Little Johnny 338
The Cat's Diary
Quotes from Professors
Court: "Deep Citations"
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